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Veneers You’ll Cheer For

Who would cheer for straighter, whiter teeth? Oh, everyone? Yes. Those are good things to cheer for! We here at Prescott Dentistry have the inside scoop on veneers to improve all your smile needs. Veneers are a great option to help restore your smile to one that can shine with confidence and brilliance.

What are Veneers?

Veneers are made of porcelain that help restore your smile. They are a wafer thin cover that is custom fit for your teeth. Veneers are tooth colored material that get adhered to the front of your teeth to correct the various issues of shape, color or size.

Reason for Veneers

With the many curve balls life can throw at you, teeth issues are invariably some of them. The issues veneers can help to correct can include:

-Gaps in your teeth causing spacing concerns and crowding.

-Chips in your teeth that cause structural issues.

-Stains that are stubborn and need more than whitening processes.

-Cracked Teeth

-Misshaped Teeth

No matter the tooth issues that arise, veneers may be a good option for correction. Connecting with your local friendly dentists at Prescott Dentistry can help to determine the best for your needs.

Benefits of Veneers

With all the different routes you can go in order to rebuild your smile to what you’re looking for, there are specific benefits to getting veneers. Some advantages of veneers include:

-More conservative approach to change in color, size or shape

-Strengthens your teeth making them more durable, due to the lasting ability of porcelain.

-They are more cost effective than crowns.

-The color is longer lasting and more stain resistant than some other options of teeth


-Most natural looking process for teeth restoration.

Veneers have a history of positive results. The process has been around since 1928, allowing decades to continue to tweak them to be the most effective for people. They are regularly used in the film industry to help actors improve their teeth and get the million dollar hollywood smiles. There are a lot of benefits and draw to get veneers for your needs.

Prescott Dentistry is committed to giving the best service for all your cosmetic dentistry needs. We are a family friendly, knowledgeable and experienced dental practice that can help you understand if veneers are the best option for you.  

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The Advantages of Cosmetic Dentistry: Beyond Appearances

Invisalign in Prescott

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of cosmetic dentistry are–other than the obvious “my smile looks better” angle? Well you would certainly be onto something if you have speculated there might be more advantages. Some cosmetic dentistry procedures are just that, cosmetic. But many have multiple purposes, whether that’s improving your oral hygiene or correcting an uneven bite. We’ll dive into some of the advantages of cosmetic dentistry in Prescott below.

  1. Strengthen weak or compromised teeth. Even a procedure like the bonding of porcelain veneers, which seems to be entirely cosmetic, has practical applications. Bonding of durable veneers to weaker teeth can strengthen those teeth.

  2. Increased comfort. Whether you have a tooth that’s too long, too sharp, or chipped, you may experience discomfort on a daily basis. If these issues are addressed with cosmetic dentistry you will benefit from both the improved appearance and comfort.

  3. Bite and smile balance. If your teeth aren’t a uniform length, chewing and even talking can be difficult or uncomfortable. Improving your bite and smile balance will have both visual and functional benefits.

  4. Improved Hygiene. If you have small spaces or gaps between your teeth or slightly overlapping teeth, correcting those issues with cosmetic dentistry can allow you to maintain your oral health more effectively.

  5. Optimal health required. If you’re dead set on making your smile perfect, you can’t skip steps. Cosmetic procedures require you to have optimal oral health first before focusing on appearances.

Interesting in learning more about cosmetic dentistry options from Prescott Dentistry? Act now before the busy holiday season begins. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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