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Free Custom Whitening Trays for Prescott Law Enforcement!

Free Custom Whitening Trays for Prescott Law Enforcement!


Each year our Nation loses between 140-160 Law Enforcement Officers in the line of duty. In 1962, President Kennedy signed a proclamation which designated May 15th as Peace Officers Memorial Day and the week in which that date falls as National Police Week.

This year, during National Police Week the team at Prescott Dentistry would like to celebrate and honor local officers for their service and sacrifice by “Giving a Smile Back” to them. They are offering free custom whitening trays to brighten their smiles. “We are so appreciative of our local officers – we recognize the efforts they put forth in our community. Not only do they serve and protect but we see them volunteering at school functions, coaching little league teams, supporting non-profits, the list is endless.” said Whitney Lee, Team Leader. “For our team to be able to give them something back, to reach out and say we see you and we thank you, may even be a bigger gift to us than it is to them.”

If you are a local law enforcement officer with Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, Prescott Police Department or Prescott Valley Police Department stop by Prescott Dentistry during National Police Week (May 15th thru 19th) so that they can thank you in person. With the purchase of a $10 tube of whitening gel they will gift you a complimentary set of custom whitening trays and 3 tubes of whitening gel. “The process is easy” Lee said, “Stop by our office at 350 Whipple Street, purchase the whitening gel and allow us to take impressions of your smile. We will call you to come pick up your trays when they are ready (in about a week).” If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment rather than stop by, please call our team at 445-1660. For complete details, look for flyers around YCSO headquarters or the Prescott Police Department and Prescott Valley Police Department briefing rooms.

Can smiling a certain way make you more attractive?

Can smiling a certain way make you more attractive?

Some of us are still on the market looking for that special someone; some of us just like to look good for ourselves or our spouse! Whatever the reason we have for wanting to look good, having a beautiful, healthy smile is a huge factor in how we look and feel. So after you’ve had your teeth cleaned, restored and whitened, you might be wondering… is there a certain special way to actually perform the act of smiling? While this may seem like an odd question, there appears to be some legitimate data to answer the question–especially for women.

This question has been studied in the past with results indicating that the genuine “Duchenne” smile is perceived as more honest and approachable. Some people refer to this as “smiling with your eyes”. However, a study conducted by the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel has some interesting findings relating to which users performed best based on certain aspects of their profile photo.

As silly as it sounds, for the ladies, smiling while tilting your head slightly to the side provided the best results according to the study. For those profile photos that received a higher number of likes than dislikes, a staggering 71% of the women were smiling and tilting their heads to the side. Fifty-eight percent were showing their teeth while smiling. So if you’re trying to get that perfect photo, consider tilting your head to the side and showing off those pearly whites!

For men, those who had the highest percentage of “likes” 79% were smiling with their teeth. No head tilting statistics to report as it relates to men. Oddly enough, 0% of those in the higher percentile of “likes” were laughing in their photo. Perhaps the “genuine smile” isn’t as important or is preferred in moderation for those using this dating app.

Need to spruce up your smile before you try the online dating scene? Contact Prescott Dentistry today to schedule your cosmetic dentistry service in Prescott!

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (2/3/2017) D Coetzee (Flickr)

Prescott Dentistry Smile Makeover Winner Featured in Prescott Woman Magazine!

Prescott Dentistry Smile Makeover Winner

We are proud to share with our patients the inclusion of our smile makeover winner in this month’s issue of Prescott Woman Magazine. Two years ago Nikki Seguin won Prescott Dentistry’s Smile Makeover Contest and according to the article, which you can read here, her life has been positively changed ever since!

Utilizing biomimetic approaches, Dr. Montes and Dr. Thompson were able to completely transform Nikki’s smile which had staining, decay and gum disease–all without losing a single tooth! As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, biomimetic dentistry is a less-invasive, more natural way of restoring and repairing teeth which allows the body to heal itself.

While Dr. Montes and Dr. Thompson didn’t expect to continue treating Nikki for two years, it just so happened that a little more time and care was needed in this case and Dr. Thompson was brought in to utilize Invisalign to realign Nikki’s teeth for a healthier bite.

Not only has Nikki been the recipient of the utmost care from Prescott Dentistry, she also became involved in Freedom Day through Prescott Dentistry and is now the City coordinator for Freedom Day in Prescott. She was the perfect fit being the Founder and Director with Serving Our Soldiers (SOS), an organization that provides care packages to active duty military and their families.

According to the article, Nikki has overcome the lack of confidence she had with her smile that overshadowed much of her life. She can’t thank the doctors and entire staff at Prescott Dentistry enough.  “Without them, none of this would have been possible,” she said.

“They are my angels.”

Image Credit: Prescott Woman Magazine

Summer Smile Makeover Winner

Meet our Grand Prize Summer Smile Makeover Winner Nichole Sequin:

Summer Smile Makeover Winner

Here is Nicole’s inspiring story:

I can’t say that I deserve to win any more than anyone else, but I can tell you why I hope to win. Coming from a large (I have five older brothers) single parent home and my mom’s death when I was 17 years old, I never went to a dentist until age 19. My teeth have always been over crowded and have been a source of ridicule and embarrassment for me. In 36 years, there are probably only about a dozen pictures of me with a full smile because of this. I have always been a “smiley” person but I have always smiled with my mouth closed or with my hand or hair covering my mouth. I have had some dental work done such as extractions, fillings and a crown which were all done in various shades and you can see the color variations. I am a breast cancer survivor and have several other medical conditions that required medications, one of which was Kenalog (a steroid shot that weakens bone density that I was on for a year). During that time, my dental health deteriorated greatly regardless of what I did for my oral care. I still have overcrowding and I have several cavities that need to be addressed. Recently, I chipped two of my teeth in front and I would really like to get those fixed before the damage becomes too extensive to save them.

I recently lost my job and I fear that my smile could be preventing me from finding employment. Also, later this year I have a family reunion and in two years I have my twenty year class reunion and I would love to be able to smile for the first time without being self-conscious about it. Another reason why I would love to have a beautiful smile is because I am engaged to be married (no date yet) and I have always dreaded the thought of my wedding pictures because of my teeth.

I have always believed in the concept of pay it forward and I have volunteered with organizations such as Coalition for Compassion and Justice (CCJ), Habitat for Humanity, AZ Project New Hope, and I am an administrator for the group “I Can Help” on Facebook. I have also been a part of organizing several fundraising benefits for people who have had medical/dental issues that they couldn’t afford treatment for, didn’t have insurance or their insurance didn’t cover their treatment as well as the “Whiskey Row Fire” benefit.

I am very active at my church (Prescott United Methodist Church) where I have gone for twelve years. I am the hospitality chairperson, sing in the Celebration Choir, I was the Director for Lifetree Cafe, I oversee both the Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve dinners at the church as well as the weekly Wednesday night dinners, play on the church’s softball team and I volunteer with Vacation Bible School and various other events throughout the year.

I am the Founder/Director for Serving Our Soldiers (SOS) which is a program to help past, current, future (ROTC cadets) soldiers and provides support for their families as well. Not only do we send care packages to our deployed soldiers for the holidays, but also to their families that are here stateside. We also help locally with non-medical in home care, minor home repairs and chores, some financial assistance for things (such as ROTC boots, medications not covered by insurance, home repair materials and utilities in times of financial crisis), various transportation needs, provide support to the families during funerals and give the families a display case for the flags that are presented to them during the service and creating defensible fire safe areas around their homes to name a few things that we do.

I consider myself to be a humble person and I have always had difficulty speaking about myself, but I hope that this entry gives you a look into who I am and into my life to give me a chance to have my dream of having a beautiful smile come true.

Thank you for having this contest to makes someone’s dream come true.