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Early Intervention Tooth Decay

We have all heard about the best ways to care for our health. Exercise, eat a balanced diet, get the right amount of sleep, and reduce stress. These all help prevent heart disease, infections, and a multitude of other illnesses. How often do we think about preventing tooth decay or other dental disease? The doctors at Prescott Dentistry, located in Prescott Arizona, are here to assist in your journey for dental health. Their team can assist you in preventing dental disease.

What is Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is damage to your teeth caused by bacteria and the acids they produce. When these bacteria are allowed to build up on the enamel of your teeth, they feed on sugars you eat and produce acids which can eat away the enamel your teeth. This results in holes in the enamel called cavities. Pain, infection, and eventual tooth loss will result if this is not addressed.

Causes of Tooth Decay

When considering our preventative routine, the Prescott Dentistry team understands the importance of attacking ALL factors that contribute to decay. We know what it is that we are protecting against. We use natural antibacterial treatments together with good home care to combat the bacteria. There are special toothpastes and mouthwashes and dietary changes that we can recommend to reduce the acidity in your mouth. There are products like toothpastes and powders can provide minerals that will help strengthen the enamel.

Just as there are things we can do to keep our body healthy, there are things that we can do to prevent dental disease.

Ask your trusted Dentist at Prescott Dentistry how they can help customize your preventative routine for a lifetime of healthy smiles.


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Southwest Charm

The United States is made up of people from all cultures, backgrounds, and lifestyles. These can vary based on states, cities, towns, and even neighborhoods. The Southwest has a culture of its own with great people who have a charm about them. Many see the Southwest as a place filled with people who are kind, enjoy turquoise, full of cowboy-type people, and where the elderly come for the winter. While some of that may be true, there are different lifestyles and cultures in Arizona, as well. We here at Prescott Dentistry understand not only the depths of cosmetic and general dentistry services but also the Southwest charm. We highly value both great oral health services and great interpersonal communication in which we get to know our each of our clients and what is unique about them.

History of Southwest

The history of Arizona comes with rich culture, a value for the land, working the land, and connection with those you love. Three Native American cultures claimed the area as home before most people settled here. These three included the Anasazi, who built cliff dwellings; the Hohokam, who created complex irrigation systems; and the Mogollon who hunted and farmed along the rivers. These tribes lived peaceably until the Spanish invaded in 1600’s. While other Native cultures located south in Mexico were wiped out by the Spanish, these tribes in Arizona were not only able to survive but were also positively impacted. They adopted tools, plants, sheep, and horses from the Spanish influence. Over the next thousand years, other tribes came into the area consisting of farmers, villagers, and nomadic lifestyles. These tribes included the Yuma, Pima, Pueblo, Zuni, Hopi, Mojave, Yaqui, Navajo, and Apache.

With the Native tribes overcoming the Spanish invasion, battles between tribes, and even the Europeans landing, there was a level of strength that was sown into the people of Arizona. The core of the population was able to overcome immense trials, while valuing the land they lived in as well as holding onto the value for family and connection.

How Culture Affects Your Dentist

Arizona is rich with culture, different lifestyles, and an ability to embrace people for their differences. Prescott Dentistry is proud of who we are and the Arizona we grew up in. We love what Arizona has to offer through the people that make it up, the rich history, and the various, beautiful types of scenery you can embrace. We have a genuine value for who people are, where they come from, and how we, as their friendly dental office, can help provide the most beautiful smile.

We are a family-run dental office that values people, not just services. Arizona is rich in connection between people and overcoming trials and we believe in making the best possible outcomes out of not-so-fun dental issues that may arise. We are here to help you overcome various dental trials and feel triumphant following our services. Contact us today for an appointment!


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Dental Health and Heart Health

Dental health, heart health, and emotional health are all interconnected. Though it may not seem like your teeth have an affect on how your heart is functioning, some research has shown that it can. But how? We at Prescott Dentistry would love to bring you a deeper understanding of your dental services and how they have a bigger impact on your body than you may realize. We not only focus on cosmetic dentistry to help you aesthetically, but also to improve the overall mental, emotional, and physical health of your body. One area we focus on, your smile, can affect much more than you may realize.

Teeth and Heart Connection

Research done by cardiologists and periodontists suggests that there is evidence to indicate that better oral health may relate to better heart health. The key word to focus on is may. While there are some connections that can be made, it cannot be stated as a full fact that oral health relates to heart health quite yet.

This correlation/connection may be based upon how one takes care of themselves. If a person is ensuring they have a good oral hygiene routine, it can help them have a good overall health routine, as well. If they are continually flossing, brushing their teeth, and keeping up on good oral health, they are more likely to be caring for their overall physical health through eating well and exercising. Positive care for one’s body benefits heart health along with oral health.

The Conclusion

The research conducted by several different researchers from the cardiologist perspective and the periodontist perspective have inconclusive results. The data that was studied has found some evidence to show the link between heart disease and gum disease but not anything that can be generalized and stated as fact. A couple conclusive finds include:

  • In gum disease, as well as heart disease, the same inflammatory protein is measured in both instances. It is called the C-reactive protein, which causes inflammation in the whole body in which is assessed for the two diseases.
  • The bacteria found in gum disease was also found in blood vessels in heart disease. This similarity in the bacteria for the two diseases could show some correlation, but nothing conclusive.

While there are some similarities and possibly some connection between your oral health and heart health, there isn’t any solid evidence to affirm this as of yet.

While taking care of one may not affect the other, there is still wisdom in taking care of both. Physicians and dentists should be working together to ensure that their patients understand the risks of heart and gum disease. Patients with gum disease should also be aware of the chance for increased heart disease due to the same bacteria and inflammation being found in the body. Prescott Dentistry cares not only about biomimetic dentistry and oral health but also your overall heart health. Contact us today for an appointment!

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Biomimetic Bonding

Have you had your natural teeth starting to decay and wonder if you are still able to have the natural look and feel? Well now you can. Here at Prescott Dentistry, we believe that the best way is the natural way, and through our specialized techniques we can get your smile feeling bright, beautiful, and natural.

What is Biomimetic Dentistry?

Biomimetic dentistry is a style of dentistry that is focused on providing the most natural looking teeth restoration as possible. Biomimetic translates to duplicating what is life like. Through a hard tissue bond, it returns the natural tissue of the tooth to full functioning which then allows the damaged tooth to function in a healthy manner. Essentially, biomimetic dentistry brings strength and healthy function back to damaged, diseased, or broken teeth with an attractive feature.

Reasons for Biomimetic Bonding

Bonding brings about a deeper strength in your teeth and oral health. Biomimetic bonding focuses on the most natural looking approaches, but also ways to bring strength back. There are many areas that biomimetic bonding is beneficial. These reasons for include teeth that are:

  • Weak
  • Decay
  • Fractured

What the biomimetic bonding does is focus on conserving your natural tooth. It is minimally invasive through preservation techniques that are scientifically proven, which avoids the need to cut down teeth for crowns or root canals.

Benefits of Biomimetic Bonding

The bonding process uses the best material that is scientifically proven to conserve the tooth, bring strength, and protect from bacteria. Our teeth, unlike other body parts, are unable to restore themselves, so preserving the natural tooth and gum structure is of the utmost importance. On top of the positive, strong functionality that returns with biomimetic bonding, it also bring a beautiful, natural smile. Cosmetically, biomimetic bonding is pleasing to the eye and feels good.

If you are in the market for wanting a better looking smile, stronger teeth, and preservation of your teeth, contact us today! We are excited to help you with all your oral health needs, and in the best way possible.


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Benefits of Volunteering

Have you ever heard that it is better to give than receive? Well it may seem a bit backwards and not quite make sense, but in reality, it’s true. When we give of ourselves to others, it is a feeling that is hard to describe. Along with good dentistry, Prescott Dentistry believes in the power of giving and volunteering. There are so many benefits to volunteering, it powerfully affects those you are helping, but it also positively benefits yourself.

Health Benefits

It may seem confusing as to how volunteering can benefit your health, but research has been conducted for the past couple decades to prove just that. The Corporation of National & Community Service has found a strong correlation between your health and giving back through serving others. Some areas volunteering has shown to positively affect include:

  • Depression or mood
  • Mortality rate
  • Functionality on a daily basis
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Decreased stress and higher endorphin levels

The mental and emotional state that volunteering leaves you with is powerful. When you get your mind off yourself, and your own problems, it actually helps you gain a better perspective of life and your problems don’t seem so big. When you are able to see the positive affects of your life on someone else through serving, it also boosts your serotonin levels in your brain that are the hormones triggering happy feelings. Thus volunteering increases your happiness level and ability to smile more regularly and genuinely.

Tips to Volunteering

When you think of volunteering, it can be overwhelming of where to start or how to begin. There are some tips to help you decide how to get started.

  • Think about what you are passionate about. When you volunteer it is important to do so for something that matters to you. This way you will be more excited, diligent and dedicated to the cause.
  • There is no need to wait to be asked. Take initiative and ask those around you if they know of volunteer opportunities.
  • Recognize what you have to offer. Your own skills, talents and knowledge can be very helpful for an organization. Align your passion with what you’re skilled at, and it will be a fruitful opportunity.
  • Find a volunteer opportunity that aligns with your schedule. Many organization have different needs, so it is important to see what ones would fit your personal schedule.
  • When you find a potential organization, plan for the interview like a job interview. Come into it with ability to describe your goals, your skills and what you have to offer.

There are many options when it comes to volunteering. It is important to find what fits you the best, and what you can offer the most to. If you have ideas, Prescott Dentistry would love to hear about what volunteer opportunities you are looking into and offer our own volunteer experience.


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Veneers You’ll Cheer For

Who would cheer for straighter, whiter teeth? Oh, everyone? Yes. Those are good things to cheer for! We here at Prescott Dentistry have the inside scoop on veneers to improve all your smile needs. Veneers are a great option to help restore your smile to one that can shine with confidence and brilliance.

What are Veneers?

Veneers are made of porcelain that help restore your smile. They are a wafer thin cover that is custom fit for your teeth. Veneers are tooth colored material that get adhered to the front of your teeth to correct the various issues of shape, color or size.

Reason for Veneers

With the many curve balls life can throw at you, teeth issues are invariably some of them. The issues veneers can help to correct can include:

-Gaps in your teeth causing spacing concerns and crowding.

-Chips in your teeth that cause structural issues.

-Stains that are stubborn and need more than whitening processes.

-Cracked Teeth

-Misshaped Teeth

No matter the tooth issues that arise, veneers may be a good option for correction. Connecting with your local friendly dentists at Prescott Dentistry can help to determine the best for your needs.

Benefits of Veneers

With all the different routes you can go in order to rebuild your smile to what you’re looking for, there are specific benefits to getting veneers. Some advantages of veneers include:

-More conservative approach to change in color, size or shape

-Strengthens your teeth making them more durable, due to the lasting ability of porcelain.

-They are more cost effective than crowns.

-The color is longer lasting and more stain resistant than some other options of teeth


-Most natural looking process for teeth restoration.

Veneers have a history of positive results. The process has been around since 1928, allowing decades to continue to tweak them to be the most effective for people. They are regularly used in the film industry to help actors improve their teeth and get the million dollar hollywood smiles. There are a lot of benefits and draw to get veneers for your needs.

Prescott Dentistry is committed to giving the best service for all your cosmetic dentistry needs. We are a family friendly, knowledgeable and experienced dental practice that can help you understand if veneers are the best option for you.  

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Smile Esteem

A smile is just a smile right? It has limited effect on yourself or your environment right? Wrong. A smile goes deeper than most people realize. It has emotional, mental, physical and environmental impacts. Your smile is extremely important. Prescott Dentistry finds your smile extremely important, and wants to ensure your cosmetic dentistry needs are met to give you the best smile.

How a Smile Affects Others

Everyone is looking to belong, be accepted for who they are, and not have to pretend to be something other than themselves. Oftentimes this world portrays people needing to be a certain way, look a certain way or act a certain way to be accepted. That is not true. That mindset just creates a deep dissatisfaction of when you’re not being yourself. A great way to build the esteem of others is simple; smile at them.

Smiling at someone communicates acceptance of who they are, that they are attractive and pleasant. A simple smile can be extremely impactful, more than we realize. It may be exactly what someone needs to be brought out of their negative mire, and help increase their self esteem. Smiling connects people across rooms, start relationships, and even begin marriages. Joy is released in a smile, and shows interest in someone who may feel completely unseen, unaccepted or rejected. You never know what a smile can do for someone. It is a powerful tool to impact another person around you, so slap on that beautiful smile of yours!

How a Smile Impacts You

Smiling is beneficial for those around you, bringing joy and acceptance. Not only does it help those around you, it also is beneficial for you! When you smile, it release hormones in your brain called endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. These hormones are the “happy drugs” where they stimulates positive mood and are your bodies natural painkillers. They increases your ability to see the positive side of life, and create more self confidence.

Your smile is bringing joy to your own life. When you smile, people perceive you as more joyful, confident, and personable. These characteristics tend to open doors to bigger opportunities than for people who smile less. When you are more approachable, you’re also seen as more capable, and thus promoted more readily.

It takes only twelve muscles in your body to create a smile, whereas it takes 113 muscles to create a frown. Do less work, and embrace your beautiful smile! What do you have to lose?


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Correct That Chip

Having confidence in your smile is important. However, this can be hindered when you have a chipped tooth. With a chip, it can create insecurities in showing your teeth and limit you from embracing the beautiful smile you have. Here at Prescott Dentistry we understand your cosmetic dentistry needs, and want to help you embrace the smile you were meant to have by correcting your chip.

How a Chip Occurs

Several people throughout their lives have to deal with a chipped tooth at some point. This is caused by the enamel wearing down. The enamel can be worn down from acidic foods and drinks that decrease the strength of the enamel. Biting into something hard, falling or having an accident can cause the weakened enamel to break and create chips in your teeth. Whatever the reason, there are a few options for how to fix it.

Dental Bonding

The process for correcting a chipped tooth will depend on the severity of the chip. If the chip is smaller on the front teeth, it can be corrected through dental bonding. This is a quick and more simple procedure, where anesthesia is not necessary. The tooth will be roughened to ensure the material will adhere to it. A putty will be applied to the tooth, which will be shaped and smoothed. Once the shaping is done, the material is hardened by an ultraviolet light and the process is complete.


For a more complete and stronger option that could last up to 30 years, porcelain veneers may be the way to go. Veneers are a cover for your teeth and bonded to the front of your teeth. This is a longer process than bonding. Your dentist will make an impression of your teeth, where this will be sent to a lab to make the veneers. The veneers can be for one tooth or multiple for a complete smile restoration. The first appointment will be to prepare your teeth for the veneers, set a temporary veneer, where the second appointment will then set the custom veneers in place.


If the chip on your tooth is severe or you have significant pain when eating/drinking, a crown may be what you need. This is a bit more invasive than the other options, but most common and long lasting. A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that covers your tooth to protect and improve the appearance of your tooth. This process includes anesthesia or sedation to ensure comfortability. The teeth need to be prepared for the crown, and then take an impression to have a mold made. A temporary crown will be used until the final impression comes in and can be bonded to the teeth in the second appointment.


Overall, whether your chip concerns are small to severe, there are several options to help. Prescott Dentistry wants to ensure that your cosmetic needs are addressed and the cracked chip gets fixed for you to embrace your true smile!


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Best Oral Hygiene Routine

We all want a bright, shiny smile to dazzle those around us. Going to the dentist is one important aspect of your dental care, and a great way to get a squeaky clean feel from professional cleanings. In between visits however, it is up to you to maintain a healthy mouth. Prescott Dentistry is here to address your oral hygiene needs, and help you come up with the best routine. We want to ensure that your oral care is the most thorough and effective. We have come up with some tips for your at home care.

1. Floss Daily

We know, we know. You’ve heard it all your life. Well, it still holds true. Flossing is a very important aspect of oral health care. It is able to reach plaque in between the teeth, limiting the possibility of tooth decay and gum disease. Once a day flossing it worth having healthier teeth and preventing mouth issues.

2. Use the Right toothbrush

It can be easy to not use the right toothbrush. Your dentist can recommend one specifically for your mouth. However, the best for adults is to use one with a small to medium sized head to comfortably get all around your mouth, especially in the back. The bristles should be soft to medium, and multi-tufted. Children need to use smaller brushes.

3. Change Your Toothbrush

It is important to recognize when to change your toothbrush. When the bristles are tired and worn out, they are not cleaning the way they should be. It is important to get a new toothbrush every two to three months for the most thorough cleaning.

4. Use Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoride has consistently been shown to be important in toothpaste and even in water. It has been scientifically proven to prevent cavities as well as repair tooth enamel.

5. Brush Appropriately

Brushing twice a day is important. Ensure that you brush every night before bed to get off plaque from the day, and at least once throughout the day. Brushing too much can cause gum recession so it’s important not to over brush or brush too hard. When brushing, place bristles at a 45 degree angle on your teeth, brush in a circular movement on all surfaces of your teeth, inside and out. Also be sure to brush your tongue to help freshen breath and clean out bacteria.

6. Limit Unhealthy Habits

To help with your oral care, limiting unhealthy habits in your day is helpful. Sugary drinks, foods, and smoking can be a major cause to tooth decay and gum disease. If you have sugary foods/drinks, have them only at mealtimes. Best care is to limit these all together.

7. Drink Enough Water

Water is essential for your body in several ways. Not only does it help to hydrate you, it is important to keep your mouth moist. Having a dry mouth increases plaque and potential for gum disease. Water has various health benefits, but also helps maintain continual saliva production which is imperative for oral health.


Oral health care is essential in preventing plaque buildup and gum disease. Getting professional cleanings throughout the year are great for stubborn plaque buildup and to have the squeaky clean feeling. However, maintaining your mouth in between is imperative. For more information on what is best for your teeth, visit us at Prescott Dentistry and we will gladly guide you in your personal oral health needs.


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Whiter Smile with Prescott Dentistry

No one enjoys smiling at someone knowing there are stains, discoloration or darkening of your teeth. We all want a bright white smile to greet those around us. Prescott Dentistry can help with all your cosmetic dental services, including whitening that brilliant smile of yours.

How Does Whitening Work?

The process is a lot less complicated that it seems. At Prescott Dentistry, our whitening process uses one of two different types of peroxide-based whitening solution; either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. The active oxygen in the peroxide naturally penetrates the pores in our enamel and breaks down stains (caused from substances such as, coffee, soda, tea, wine, blueberries, blackberries, pomegranates, smoking) into smaller particles, bringing back the natural color of your enamel and enhancing the whiteness of your teeth.

How Do They Whiten Teeth at the Dentist?

One important step to help whiten your teeth, is to have a professional cleaning. Our dental office has excellent, skilled dental hygienists who have the training and expertise to polish and remove surface stains from your teeth. This professional cleaning can help to remove the staining that occurs everyday and by itself make your teeth look brighter. After this, you can determine if you would need further whitening treatments.

The teeth whitening process involves taking impressions of your teeth and making custom-fit whitening trays. You then have a consultation with our staff and together evaluate the shade of your teeth and what you want to achieve with the whitening. We instruct you in using the whitening system and together, we get you the smile you want. The trays are convenient and comfortable and often you can’t even tell you are wearing them. Many patients wear the trays while working or while out and about running errands.

After Whitening

During and after teeth whitening, it’s important to know that some sensitivity may be experienced. Avoiding foods that are extremely hot or cold can help. Your dentist will have suggestions that can help alleviate and prevent this sensitivity. Along with whitening toothpaste, limiting smoking, and stain forming foods/drinks will help your white teeth last longer.
There is a bright side to every part of life, including your teeth! Seek out Prescott Dentistry today to help with your cosmetic dentistry needs.


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