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7 Weird & Fun Facts about Arizona | Part II

7 Weird Facts about Arizona Part II | Prescott AZ Dentist

Did you assume all of the weird and obscure facts to be found were covered in Part I? Think again! You thought that mass UFO sightings and slow growing cacti were weird? Just wait! Admittedly those two will be hard to top, but there are plenty more interesting, weird, and fun facts about Arizona. So whether you are Grand Canyon State born and raised, a snow bird, or a recent transplant, here are 7 more Arizona facts that you probably didn’t know from your Prescott AZ Dentist!

  1. A fan of the history of ancient civilizations? You might be intrigued to know that Arizona is home to the Hopi village Oraibi. This village in Navajo County, AZ is the oldest known continuously inhabited area in America… dating back to 1200 A.D.!
  2. This one might not be news to prescottonians, but our neighbor to the north, Jerome, is home to what is believed to be the most haunted location in the state: the Jerome Grand Hotel, a former miner’s hospital.
  3. If you live in Prescott, you’re probably a fan of open land, forests and nature. However, you may not know just how much wilderness there truly is. Arizona has double the amount of wilderness area than the whole Midwest of the US.
  4. Be careful when you’re out there hiking enjoying that wilderness area, especially in the more arid areas. Arizona has the most species of rattlesnakes of any state at 13.
  5. Our fellow Northern Arizona city, Flagstaff, is known as the dark sky city. This is due to a rich heritage of astronomy. The “formerly recognized planet” Pluto was originally discovered at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff in 1930.
  6. Arizona makes up for it’s desert reputation with the two largest man made lakes in America, Lake Mead and Lake Powell.
  7. Another fact about ancient history? 1064 A.D. was the last time there was a volcanic eruption in Arizona. The eruption created Sunset Crater in Flagstaff.

Did we miss any of the good ones? Let your Prescott AZ Dentist, Prescott Dentistry, know at your next appointment. Stay weird Arizona!

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Ashamed of your smile? Take a look at this newly discovered Bucktoothed Ghost Shark!

ghost shark | compassionate dentist in Prescott

The reason many people avoid going to the dentist is because of the shame or embarrassment they have relating to their teeth. This is just a gentle reminder that Prescott Dentistry is a judgement-free, compassionate dentist in Prescott! Don’t allow these fears to prevent you from visiting the dentist, remember that your smile can’t be that bad… especially after you see this newly discovered bucktoothed ghost shark!

The deep sea is a strange and much more terrifying place than any dental office in Prescott! According to science, there are now 50 known species of ghost shark and the second largest was just discovered. This one has been dubbed Hydrolagus erithacus. At about 3 feet long, this ghost shark sports rabbit-like buckteeth and a large bulky head. In fact, the ghost shark is a member of the genus Hydrolagus which is latin for “water rabbit”.

These deep sea dwellers live in the cold murky depths between South Africa and Antarctica where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. Interestingly, ghost sharks aren’t technically sharks, they are cartilaginous fish related to rays and sharks. These type of fish use their large pectoral finis to navigate their environment, not their tails like sharks. Scientists also refer to ghost sharks and similar species as ratfish or chimaeras. Little is known about these ocean dwelling animals because of the depths at which they live.

However, there was one discovery about their behavior due to this find, as the stomach of one of the specimens contained the claw of a crab, indicating that the fish may use their powerful teeth to crush crab shells and other sea floor crustaceans. That’s one case the staff at Prescott Dentistry will stay away from!

Are you looking for a compassionate dentist in Prescott? Contact us today as long as you aren’t a ghost shark!

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7 Weird & Fun Facts about Arizona!

7 Weird & Fun Facts about Arizona!

Whether you’re a lifelong native to The Grand Canyon State, or a newly arrived transplant from California or the East Coast, there’s always more to learn about our great state! Here are a few fun facts about Arizona from your favorite dentist in Prescott! Be sure to share which ones you were most shocked by or share your own weird facts at your next dental appointment. Read on for the weirdness!

  1. The 90’s alt-rock scene was good to Arizona. Several big bands of the time originated here including The Gin Blossoms, Jimmy Eat World and the Meat Puppets!
  2. Winslow, Arizona is home to the world’s most well-preserved meteor crater. Let’s just hope that no more meteor’s make their way to Arizona!
  3. In areas of minimal precipitation, it can take a century (100 years) for a Saguaro cactus to grow a new arm! You can face up to a year in prison for cutting down this endangered cactus.
  4. A pioneer in women’s rights, Arizona granted women the right to vote a full 8 years before national suffrage was enacted.
  5. Arizona has more Native American lands than any other state and 21 Native American tribes. In fact, only 17% of Arizona’s large land mass is privately owned, the rest is comprised of Native American reservations, public lands, forests and state trust lands.
  6. In 1997, a city-wide UFO sighting occurred in Phoenix, Arizona. Hundreds of residents and even the Governor reported seeing lights and a large stationary “otherworldly” aircraft in the sky for over an hour.
  7. Can you guess why there are no dinosaur fossils in the Grand Canyon? Because the rocks are so much older than the dinosaurs! The only fossils found are of more primitive creatures like sponges, trilobites and corals.

Arizona is definitely a weird and fun state to live in.. and Prescott is the best spot around! Contact Prescott Dentistry today to schedule your appointment in your favorite city in Arizona.

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Photos from January’s Winter Storms in Prescott!

As January comes to a close and February begins we’ve experienced some stunning snowfall and winter weather conditions. While the snow might be a little inconvenient at times.. Isn’t this why we all choose to live in Prescott? The beautiful scenery and small town appeal (and occasional piles of snow) are what Prescott, Prescott! So let’s take a moment to appreciate the recent snowfall for when we’re longing for these days this Summer! All photos courtesy of Donny Boy and dagnyg  on Flickr! Thanks for the great shots. Have another awesome shot of the snow? Send it to us and we’ll post it on our blog! Stay safe out there if it’s still snowy when this blog finds you!

Tips for Cold Sensitive Teeth in Prescott, AZ

Tips for Cold Sensitive Teeth in Prescott, AZ

It’s not news to anyone in Prescott, Dewey or Prescott Valley that this winter has been decidedly chilly. From the recent torrent of snowfall and frigid temperatures, you might forget that we live in Arizona! With the advent of cold temperatures, those who suffer from tooth sensitivity might be cursing the weather due to increased pain and discomfort caused by the changing conditions. Whether your dental health is in good shape or not, the cold weather can leave you more susceptible to problems. Here are a few actions you can take to help cold sensitive teeth in Prescott, AZ.

Visit your Prescott Dentist

If you’re a bit behind on your biannual dental checkups and you are experiencing cold sensitivity in your teeth and gums, it is very likely that your oral health is compromised in one of a few different ways. These issues can range from brushing too hard and teeth grinding, to infections, receding gums, or gingivitis. It could also be due to weakened or cracked enamel. All of these conditions can be treated by Dr. Montes & Thompson using minimally invasive biomimetic dentistry.

Limit your Outdoor Exposure

This one may seem a little too obvious, but if your teeth are sensitive to the cold, you may want to consider staying in on the colder days. The materials that make up our teeth expand and contract due to changing temperatures. Sudden changes in temperature can even lead to hairline fractures on the surface of your teeth. If you have one of these fractures, it could be the cause of your cold sensitivity.

Hydration is Key

Many people skip out on proper water intake during the winter months simply because it’s not hot out. Don’t forget to drink water! It’s important to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Drinking water will help your oral health by encouraging saliva creation and it will ensure your teeth and gums stay moist. Stick to water and avoid sugary or acidic food or drink.

Contact Prescott Dentistry today if you are experiencing painful, cold sensitive teeth in Prescott, AZ.

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Can smiling a certain way make you more attractive?

Can smiling a certain way make you more attractive?

Some of us are still on the market looking for that special someone; some of us just like to look good for ourselves or our spouse! Whatever the reason we have for wanting to look good, having a beautiful, healthy smile is a huge factor in how we look and feel. So after you’ve had your teeth cleaned, restored and whitened, you might be wondering… is there a certain special way to actually perform the act of smiling? While this may seem like an odd question, there appears to be some legitimate data to answer the question–especially for women.

This question has been studied in the past with results indicating that the genuine “Duchenne” smile is perceived as more honest and approachable. Some people refer to this as “smiling with your eyes”. However, a study conducted by the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel has some interesting findings relating to which users performed best based on certain aspects of their profile photo.

As silly as it sounds, for the ladies, smiling while tilting your head slightly to the side provided the best results according to the study. For those profile photos that received a higher number of likes than dislikes, a staggering 71% of the women were smiling and tilting their heads to the side. Fifty-eight percent were showing their teeth while smiling. So if you’re trying to get that perfect photo, consider tilting your head to the side and showing off those pearly whites!

For men, those who had the highest percentage of “likes” 79% were smiling with their teeth. No head tilting statistics to report as it relates to men. Oddly enough, 0% of those in the higher percentile of “likes” were laughing in their photo. Perhaps the “genuine smile” isn’t as important or is preferred in moderation for those using this dating app.

Need to spruce up your smile before you try the online dating scene? Contact Prescott Dentistry today to schedule your cosmetic dentistry service in Prescott!

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Biomimetic Dentistry News: A New Treatment that Regrows Teeth?

Biomimetic Dentistry News: A New Treatment that Regrows Teeth?

As you know, Dr.’s Montes and Thompson at Prescott Dentistry pride themselves in being at the forefront of nature-mimicking biomimetic dentistry that allows for restorative, non-invasive treatments. These alternatives to the old fashioned drill-and-fill techniques of the past are what make Prescott Dentistry so loved by their patients. With that, it is important to stay abreast on all of the new emerging technologies relating to dentistry–whether they ever make it to FDA approval or not! This latest study has a promising start as it is already being trialled for another condition. Can a drug being tested for Alzheimer’s patients regrow your teeth and repair cavities?

The drug is known as Tideglusib. According to a research team out of King’s College London, this fascinating drug can actually stimulate stem cells in your tooth’s pulp allowing the production of new dentine–the structure of your tooth underneath the enamel. Your teeth already have the ability to regenerate naturally, however, that natural regeneration is limited to only a thin layer which isn’t enough to refill the entire cavity that results from tooth decay.

How does the drug work? Well, Tideglusib improves and supercharges the process of regrowth by turning off the enzyme that prevents dentine from forming. The scientists have seen the process work in studies on mice where a tiny biodegradable sponge is soaked with the drug and placed inside the cavity. The process of triggering dentine growth and cavity repair is complete in under 6 weeks and the sponge completely dissolves. This leaves only a repaired tooth remaining!

The idea of stimulating your teeth to repair themselves is certainly on that aligns with the idea of biomimetic dentistry which aims to restore your teeth to their natural form and function. So you can be sure that the team at Prescott Dentistry will be keeping a close eye on this new technology if and when it comes to market! Contact Prescott Dentistry today to schedule your appointment and experience what biomimetic dentistry is like first hand!

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