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Viruses may Target Males and Females Differently?

Viruses may Target Males and Females Differently?

Whether it’s through biomimetic dentistry procedures, to the latest and greatest laser dentistry or air abrasion techniques, Prescott Dentistry strives to stay up to date with all of the latest information and technology relating to dental and overall holistic health. A new study published in Nature Communications and highlighted on, may have some wide ranging implications relating to viral infections.

According to the study, viruses can evolve to affect women and men differently, becoming more virulent in men. More specifically, if it is a virus that is transmitted to a child by it’s mother, the virus has an evolutionary advantage to affect women less severely because women are worth more to the virus.

It was previously understood that the mortality rate caused by infections diseases is often higher in men than women, but historically this has been attributed to differing immune systems. However, in this study conducted by the School of Biological Sciences at Royal Holloway, the HTLV-1 virus that is known to cause leukemia led to less cases of leukemia in women when there is more mother-to-child transmission.

“Viruses may be evolving to be less dangerous to women, looking to preserve the female population. The reason why these illnesses are less virulent in women is that the virus wants to be passed from mother to child, either through breastfeeding, or just through giving birth,” said Dr. Francisco Úbeda.

Don’t let your health fall by the wayside, men! Your oral and holistic health is just as important as your female counterparts, especially with findings showing that men are more susceptible to viral infections. Contact Prescott Dentistry today to schedule your appointment!

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What your Smile might Say about You

What your Smile might Say about You

Do you often wonder what people think about you and your smile? Do you think about how your teeth are seen and perceived by others when you smile? It’s safe to say that all of us have these concerns and according to a number of studies, your teeth can say all sorts of things about your traits and personal health. It’s safe to assume even before you start reading through the list, having clean, healthy teeth can only be a positive for your personal life and overall health. So with that in mind, the staff at Prescott Dentistry look forward to seeing you soon! Now onto what your smile might say about you!

Your Ability to Have a Baby

Women’s fertility may be more closely tied to oral health than many might think. According to Medical News Today, women who suffer from gum disease can take an average of 2 months longer to conceive than those with healthy gums.

How Much you Make

According to this study, those who were considered happy and smiled often in their teens had a higher likelihood of making an above average income as adults. So if you’re still young, cheer up and it gets better!

Your Ability to Have a Lasting Marriage

When it comes to lasting relationships, the intensity of your smile may in fact be an indicator. A psychological study measured the intensity level of smiles from old yearbooks and found that those with bigger, more intense smiles had more successful marriages. None of the participants who were in the top 10 of smile intensity were divorced! The divorce rate was very high for those with very low “smile strength”. Conclusion? Start smiling more and smile big!

Wow! Those some interesting findings and theories. If you aren’t happy with the way you think your smile is being perceived, contact Prescott Dentistry today to schedule your next dental exam and let us know what you think!

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Stocking Stuffers your best dentist in Prescott Recommends!

Stocking Stuffers your best dentist in Prescott Recommends!

It’s officially December and the countdown to Christmas and Hanukkah has begun! It’s tempting to get your kids some of the sugariest treats for small gifts and stocking stuffers, but the doctors at Prescott Dentistry hope you balance out any unhealthy snacks with tooth friendly treats and gifts! Your kids’ teeth and your dentist will both thank you! The following is a short list of some of the best teeth-friendly gifts you can buy for your kids.. other than a trip to see the best dentist in Prescott, Prescott Dentistry, of course!

For the Athlete: The Sports Mouthguard

Every sports-obsessed kid will love anything to do with their favorite game! Help protect your son or daughter’s teeth from dangerous sports-related mouth injuries with a custom-fit sports mouthguard! There are off the shelf options that can be boiled in water and molded into place, but the most effective option is a custom-fit mouthguard created by your dentist. Seventy percent of kids don’t wear mouthguards during their basketball, soccer or baseball games and practices–that needs to change! Excite your child with fun colored and designed mouthguards to match their school or team colors!

For the Snacker: Xylitol-Sweetened Gum

Not all sweets have to be awful for your teeth! Chewing sugar free gum post-meal both stimulates healthy saliva creation and can dislodge food particles from your teeth and gums. Not only that, studies have suggested that regular exposure to Xylitol aids in the prevention of tooth decay.

For the Jokester: Funny Flavored Toothpaste and Floss

To go along with the whoopee cushion and other silly gifts, buy them some funny flavored toothpaste or floss. These are teeth-friendly for obvious reasons but put a fun spin on your dental routine with flavors like cupcake, pickle or ice cream!

Happy Holidays!

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Smoking Mutates your DNA Every Year

The reasons to give up smoking never seem to stop piling up. From tooth decay and gum disease to lung cancer and heart disease, we’re sure you’ve heard it all. However, if you needed just one more reason to quit… this might be it. For those who smoke a pack a day, every year smoking affects you by causing 150 mutations in each lung cell. And it doesn’t end there.

According to a recent study from the publication Science, smoking a pack a day also causes 79 mutations in the larynx, 18 in the bladder, 23 in your mouth and 6 in your liver. What does it mean to have your cells mutate? Each mutation increases the risk of those cells turning cancerous.

Six million people die each year due to cigarette related cancers. Each cigarette contains a minimum of 60 carcinogens (cancer causing substances). Tobacco is also implicated in at least 17 types of cancer.

Everything we put in our bodies becomes intertwined in our DNA, from food and water to harmful drugs like alcohol and tobacco. While eating healthy can also change the structure of your DNA for the good, smoking’s effects on your DNA are entirely negative. So if you needed one more reason to quit, here it is.

Have you recently given up smoking? Or maybe this article has finally prompted you to? Are you now ready to get your dental health back on track? Contact Prescott Dentistry today and experience minimally invasive, biomimetic dentistry from the experienced doctors Dr. Sergio Montes and Dr. Nathan Thompson.

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