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Prescott Dentistry Smile Makeover Winner Featured in Prescott Woman Magazine!

Prescott Dentistry Smile Makeover Winner

We are proud to share with our patients the inclusion of our smile makeover winner in this month’s issue of Prescott Woman Magazine. Two years ago Nikki Seguin won Prescott Dentistry’s Smile Makeover Contest and according to the article, which you can read here, her life has been positively changed ever since!

Utilizing biomimetic approaches, Dr. Montes and Dr. Thompson were able to completely transform Nikki’s smile which had staining, decay and gum disease–all without losing a single tooth! As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, biomimetic dentistry is a less-invasive, more natural way of restoring and repairing teeth which allows the body to heal itself.

While Dr. Montes and Dr. Thompson didn’t expect to continue treating Nikki for two years, it just so happened that a little more time and care was needed in this case and Dr. Thompson was brought in to utilize Invisalign to realign Nikki’s teeth for a healthier bite.

Not only has Nikki been the recipient of the utmost care from Prescott Dentistry, she also became involved in Freedom Day through Prescott Dentistry and is now the City coordinator for Freedom Day in Prescott. She was the perfect fit being the Founder and Director with Serving Our Soldiers (SOS), an organization that provides care packages to active duty military and their families.

According to the article, Nikki has overcome the lack of confidence she had with her smile that overshadowed much of her life. She can’t thank the doctors and entire staff at Prescott Dentistry enough.  “Without them, none of this would have been possible,” she said.

“They are my angels.”

Image Credit: Prescott Woman Magazine

Men, want a long term relationship? Show off those teeth!

cosmetic dentistry for men

Are you looking for your future wife and partner in crime? Not sure why you can’t catch the eye of that special lady? Maybe try showing off that nice smile you keep so pristine with the help of Prescott Dentistry! The brooding, stoic look might work for a couple dates, but a study out of Senshu University in Oslo, Japan, found that women prefer men who smile often when it comes to choosing long-term partners.

The study, published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology, indicated that women who were seeking a long-term relationship found men who smiled more attractive and more trustworthy than those with a neutral expression. Those women not seeking a long term relationship did not find the smiling men more attractive.  According to the study, women found men who were smiling to be more trustworthy and men who were neutral were seen as more masculine.

Researchers believe this distinction may be due to the fact that marriage and long-term relationships often involve parenting where long-term cooperation is necessary. More trustworthy appearing men are likely seen as more likely to take part in this long-term cooperation.

It can’t hurt to make that special someone show her teeth with a nice laugh either! An earlier study from the same publication found that the more men attempt to be funny and cause a woman to laugh, the higher the likelihood of her being interested in dating.

Want to make sure your smile is in the best condition when you’re out there looking for that special someone? Don’t forget your biannual dental visits and contact the team at Prescott Dentistry for any cosmetic dentistry needs you have in the meantime!

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Another Reason to Love Biomimetic Dentistry: Mercury Levels in Body Rise Due to Dental Fillings

Another Reason to Love Biomimetic Dentistry: Mercury Levels in Body Rise Due to Dental Fillings

There have been studies in the past examining the effect dental fillings have on toxic mercury levels in the body, but none as clear cut as the latest study from the University of Georgia. If you needed another reason to avoid traditional amalgam fillings with biomimetic dentistry in Prescott, here it is. According to the study, amalgam fillings consisting of a mixture of silver, tin, mercury and other materials play a significant role  in prolonged mercury levels in the body.

This was no small study. This research analyzed data from almost 15,000 people–a nationally representative population–and was the first of it’s kind to demonstrate a relationship between mercury exposure and dental fillings. While tooth decay is a serious issue and one of the most common chronic diseases, many people do not consider what materials are being used during their dental treatments. Some of which are not bio-compatible, unlike those used by the biomimetic dentists at Prescott Dentistry.

While dental amalgam has been used for over 150 years due to its durability and affordability, nearly half of the compound consists of mercury, which is known to lead to heart, kidney, brain, immune system and lung damage at high levels. Not only that, but recent research suggests that methyl mercury, which is the form of mercury related to dental fillings, may cause damage even at low levels.

The results of the study indicated that those with 8+ dental fillings had 150% more mercury in their blood than those without fillings. A staggering one fourth of Americans of have 11+ filings!

Do you have old amalgam fillings? Are you interested in Prescott Dentistry’s non-toxic amalgam removal? Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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