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The Advantages of Cosmetic Dentistry: Beyond Appearances

Invisalign in Prescott

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of cosmetic dentistry are–other than the obvious “my smile looks better” angle? Well you would certainly be onto something if you have speculated there might be more advantages. Some cosmetic dentistry procedures are just that, cosmetic. But many have multiple purposes, whether that’s improving your oral hygiene or correcting an uneven bite. We’ll dive into some of the advantages of cosmetic dentistry in Prescott below.

  1. Strengthen weak or compromised teeth. Even a procedure like the bonding of porcelain veneers, which seems to be entirely cosmetic, has practical applications. Bonding of durable veneers to weaker teeth can strengthen those teeth.

  2. Increased comfort. Whether you have a tooth that’s too long, too sharp, or chipped, you may experience discomfort on a daily basis. If these issues are addressed with cosmetic dentistry you will benefit from both the improved appearance and comfort.

  3. Bite and smile balance. If your teeth aren’t a uniform length, chewing and even talking can be difficult or uncomfortable. Improving your bite and smile balance will have both visual and functional benefits.

  4. Improved Hygiene. If you have small spaces or gaps between your teeth or slightly overlapping teeth, correcting those issues with cosmetic dentistry can allow you to maintain your oral health more effectively.

  5. Optimal health required. If you’re dead set on making your smile perfect, you can’t skip steps. Cosmetic procedures require you to have optimal oral health first before focusing on appearances.

Interesting in learning more about cosmetic dentistry options from Prescott Dentistry? Act now before the busy holiday season begins. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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Invisalign: Braces without the Stigma

Invisalign in Prescott

Have you always dreamed of having pristine, beautifully straight teeth? At the same time, does the embarrassment of having uncomfortable metal brackets outweigh the benefits of the end result? Especially for those of us who have passed their younger years when braces were more socially acceptable, it can be difficult to commit to the year or more it might take to straighten your teeth with traditional braces. That’s where Invisalign invisible braces come in.

Invisalign aligners are braces without the stigma.

Not only will you experience the same overall health benefits of having properly aligned teeth, Invisalign invisible braces will provide all of the cosmetic enhancements that come from having braces without the eyesore of having large metal brackets and wires in your mouth. Keep reading to discover more of the stigma-shattering attributes of Invisalign in Prescott, AZ.

  1. They’re invisible! Thanks to transparent Invisalign aligners, your coworkers and friends will likely have no idea you’re even wearing them!

  2. You can eat anything you want! (Though you should still avoid excess sugars for your health’s sake.) You can simply remove your aligners when you’re eating so you don’t have to worry about food getting stuck and causing damage to your gums or damaging traditional braces.

  3. Not only can you take your aligners out whenever you are eating, you can also take them out other times so you don’t have to worry–whether if you’re being photographed at a wedding or during any other social situation you’d rather remove them for.

  4. Less pain and irritation! If it’s not just the social stigma you’re afraid of, Invisalign straighteners are made of smooth plastic, not painful, sharp metal wires and brackets.

Are you ready to finally have the straight smile you’ve always dreamed about? Contact Prescott Dentistry today and discuss your options with Invisalign “Preferred Provider” Dr. Thompson.

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ADA: Don’t forget–flossing is important!


Despite what you might miss in the latest guidelines from the federal government or read from the Associated Press, flossing, along with regular brushing and professional cleanings, are still integral parts of maintaining your oral health. An inquiry directed at the American Dental Association News prompted a response after the latest federal dietary guidelines omitted flossing from their guidelines after including it in previous years and the AP used this omission as the subject of a story questioning the benefits of flossing.

The ADA pressed the government agency why flossing was left out of this edition, yet was included in past editions. Their response was as follows:

“[Flossing is] an important oral hygiene practice” and said that the guidelines’ omission did not imply otherwise. Although flossing — along with using fluoridated water and brushing teeth — was mentioned in previous editions of the guidelines (both 2005 and 2010), the statement said “it was most likely identified as a supporting recommendation along with brushing teeth, with the primary emphasis being on the nutrition-based recommendation to reduce added sugars.”

Flossing and brushing have never been a mainstay of these dietary guidelines, which primarily focus on evidence-based nutrition recommendations, not general health and hygiene. The ADA released this statement of recommendations for optimal oral health to clarify,”brushing for two minutes, twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, cleaning between teeth once a day with an interdental cleaner and regular dental visits advised by your dentist.”

Are you overdue for your biannual cleaning? Contact Prescott Dentistry today to schedule your appointment and get a refresher course on maintaining your teeth properly.

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Biomimetic Science News: Scientists Design Biologically Active Titanium Surface

biomimetic dentistry

If you’ve done any previous reading on the Prescott Dentistry website, you are well aware that Dr. Montes and Dr. Thompson have one of the select few practices in Arizona that specialize in advanced biomimetic dentistry. So it goes without saying that it’s a priority of Prescott Dentistry to stay on top of new and emerging technologies and findings in the field.

The latest advancement is stunning. By mimicking the biological makeup of mussels (molluscs or clams from freshwater or saltwater habitats) which are able to attach themselves to metal surfaces thanks to proteins found in their byssal threads, scientists have created the first biologically active titanium surface. These findings may contribute immensely to the creation of implants that are more biologically beneficial.

Titanium is one of the strongest metals and is used in medical procedures like dental implants and artificial joints. While it’s strength is nearly unmatched, up until this point it has lacked the beneficial biological properties of natural tissues found in teeth or bones. This is what makes the findings of RIKEN, who have successfully attached a biologically active molecule to a titanium surface, so significant. Read more about this fascinating example of biomimetic science here from Science Daily.

Want to learn more about biomimetic dentistry in Arizona? Chat with Dr. Montes or Dr. Thompson during your next scheduled dental check up!

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