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Anxiety common in dental patients…and what we do about it!!

pretreatment anxiety

Do you often feel a sense of uneasiness or anxiety while in the waiting room of your dentist in Prescott? If so, you’re not alone. A new study published in BMC Oral Health has found that anxiety and dental phobia levels remained elevated even with patients waiting for a routine cleaning or checkup. One in three patients reported an elevated level of anxiety while awaiting their scheduled dental hygiene appointment.

The authors of the study did not expect to see such a high percentage of dental phobia sufferers when dealing with routine hygiene checkups. Not only that, the procedures that could be classified as painful had no correlation to increased anxiety. The only correlations that were found were that on average, the older the patient, the less they experienced dental fear and those with symptoms of gingivitis also correlated with those who experienced more anxiety.

Authors of the study suggest that fear of the unknown may be a large contributing factor to dental phobia or pretreatment anxiety, along with expectation of pain and a perceived unpredictability of dental treatment. You will be relieved to know that the staff at Prescott Dentistry go above and beyond in an effort to make our patients feel more at ease. Dr. Montes, Dr. Thompson and the staff explain our biomimetic procedures that are preventative in nature and less invasive than the traditional drill and fill form of dentistry. We offer a comfort menu of options that can make your visit more pleasant, sedation and laughing gas are available, and of course, the gentle, healing, compassionate demeanor all contribute to a better experience.

Contact the doctors and the compassionate team at Prescott Dentistry to ask about non-invasive biomimetic dentistry techniques that are sure to alleviate your pretreatment anxiety.

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Real Smiles Versus Digital Smiles: The Key to a Successful Relationship

Real Smiles Versus Digital Smiles

In the digital age, many of our day-to-day interactions are transitioning into the cyber world. From online dating to more people preferring texting to talking on the phone, one might think that old fashioned flirting and romantic comedy style romance were no longer necessary. However, If you think a nice affectionate smile and real human interaction are becoming less necessary in the world of romance, you would be wrong! A recent study out of Britain has revealed that (perhaps unsurprisingly) digital conversations and romances just don’t quite compare to the real thing.

While digital gestures like emoticons certainly do influence our brains, according to new research out of Leeds Met University, that effect is not nearly as powerful as actually spending time together in person.  The study found that a successful relationship was based on two factors. How much time is spent together and how much affection you generally exhibit. According to the research, no amount of cutesy texts, smiling heart emoticons or selfies can compare to those two main factors.

So if your goal is to improve your current relationship, or begin a new long-lasting relationship, the research shows that you should focus more on the real life romantic gestures, smiles and activities rather than merely digital interactions. Of the 537 people who took part in the study, those spending the most time together in face-to-face interactions together were the ones who reported the highest levels of relationship satisfaction. Unfortunately, increased connectivity via smartphones and other devices hasn’t bridged the gap and caused an increase in relationship satisfaction. In fact, in Britain divorce rates have risen .5% recently in the era of connectivity.

What better motivation to improve the appearance of your smile than to improve your relationships? If you want to make sure that real-life smile is a nice one, contact Prescott Dentistry today and ask about our cosmetic dentistry services!

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Biomimetic Dentistry Highlights Part II

natural biomimetic dentistry

In our last blog post, we highlighted some notable facts about biomimetic dentistry and the advantages it has over traditional dentistry. We couldn’t fit all of the fascinating information in one short blog post, so we’ve put together a second installment! After you’ve learned a bit more about biomimetic dentistry, contact Prescott Dentistry to schedule your appointment and experience this minimally invasive form of dentistry first hand!

  • In many instances, root canals can be completely avoided using biomimetic principles. This is accomplished by limiting removal of healthy tooth structure and sealing out bacteria.
  • Biomimetic dentistry minimizes the risks involved with the shrinkage of fillings which can result in gaps that make teeth vulnerable to infection & decay.
  • Traditional crowns can require the dentist to remove 70% of the original tooth structure, this amputation of healthy tooth structure can lead to issues down the road. The biomimetic approach requires little to no removal of healthy tooth structure.
  • Biomimetic dentistry can be summed up in two parts. First, it is conservative because these methods only replace what is damaged. Second, biomimetic methods are strong because these biocompatible materials replicate biological design.

Want to learn more about biomimetic dentistry in Prescott? Give us a call today or discuss it with Dr. Montes and Dr. Thompson at your next appointment!

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Biomimetic Dentistry Highlights

biomimetic dentistry - prescott nature

The team at Prescott Dentistry pride themselves in being at the forefront of emerging dental technologies and techniques. As the only dental office that practices biomimetic dentistry in Prescott, and one of the very few in all of Arizona, it is important to spread awareness about this minimally invasive form of dentistry and the benefits it provides. The following are a few notable highlights and facts about biomimetic dentistry for those new to the subject.

  • The field of biomimetics can be defined as a scientific-based endeavor to re-create natural tooth strength and function through advanced materials and design systems that imitate nature.
  • Biomimetic dentistry has it’s roots in the idea that the tooth’s natural form from its esthetics and color to it’s biomechanics and anatomy are the guiding principles for a successful restoration.
  • The biomimetic approach is far more conservative and closer to the natural biology that the drill-and-fill techniques and metal-based materials.
  • The ultimate goal of biomimetic dentistry is that restorations restore the original functionality of the dental tissues with the creation of a bond that allows normal everyday stresses to pass through the tooth.
  • The clinical imperative of biomimetic dentistry is to preserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible through minimally invasive procedures.
  • Are you interested in a less invasive, more conservative form of dentistry? Contact Prescott Dentistry today to experience the gentle dentistry methods of biomimetic dentistry in Prescott, AZ.

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