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Top 3 Camping Spots around Prescott!

Lynx Lake Prescott

So we at Prescott Dentistry have clients who come to our comfortable office from all across the state because of the innovative, holistic dentistry we provide. Often families will come to Prescott Dentistry for an appointment and then spend the day or the weekend visiting what is one of the most beautiful spots in the country. They’ll plan a day of hiking or kayaking when escaping the heat from down south. They might spend the afternoon visiting antique shops and eating in an authentic saloon along historic “Whiskey Row”. Since spring is upon us and many of us are itching to get outside as the weather finally warms up. We’ve put together a list of the top 3 camping spots in and around the beautiful Prescott National Forest. Whether you’re new to camping, or an experienced outdoorsman, Prescott has plenty to offer! Just remember to avoid packing the cooler with too many sugary drinks and always wear a mouth guard and a helmet when engaging in offroading, climbing or any other potentially dangerous activities.

Hilltop Campground

About half a mile from Lynx Lake, this campground features 38 sites that can accommodate RV’s up to 40 ft for all you “glampers” out there! There is a general store at the north end of Lynx lake where you can rent boats and enjoy a peaceful kayak or canoe outing during your stay. There are also several hiking trails that take you into the beautiful back country. The cost to stay is $18 per night on a first-come-first-serve basis. Accommodations include picnic tables, vault toilets, grills and drinking water. More Information.

Lower Wolf Creek Campground

Just a 20 minute drive from the heart of Prescott, but you’d never know it when you’re staying at this tucked away gem! Even when Wolf Creek isn’t flowing there will generally be water in the nearby swimming hole! This campground is a great spot if you like to avoid the hustle and bustle of larger campgrounds. There is a $10/night fee and about 20 campsites. Accommodations include tables, grills and vault toilets. More information.

Yavapai Campground

In the lovely boulder dotted Granite Mountain Wilderness, this lovely campground is just a short walk from Granite Basin Lake. You can enjoy the lake on your non-motorized boats then relax in one of the 25 campsites for $18/night. More information.

Together with your outdoor adventure, contact Prescott Dentistry to schedule a cleaning or consultation!

– Dr. Serg Montes & Dr. Nathan Thompson

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Dental Health Tips for Kids, Parents and Grandparents

Dental Health Tips

It never hurts to read up on some tips and reminders when it comes to dental hygiene for your children or grandchildren. Establishing positive dental hygiene habits from an early age will do wonders for your young ones now and in the future by helping them prevent the most common chronic disease among children today: tooth decay. The following are a few dos and don’ts when it comes to pediatric dental health.

  1. For the new babies in the family, the American Dental Association and American Pediatric Association recommend the first dental visit be scheduled before their first birthday. This allows your dentist to review nutritional and important developmental milestones with parent and baby.

  2. From birth, you should be cleaning your baby’s gums with a child-sized toothbrush or a soft cloth. Around age 2, parents should brush their children’s teeth with a soft brush and a small dab of fluoride toothpaste. Make sure you practice spitting out the toothpaste with little one to minimize swallowing.

  3. Never put your baby to sleep in his or her crib or bed with a bottle of juice, formula or milk. These can leave a sugary residue on your baby’s teeth and gums which can lead to decay, infection, and gum disease.

  4. From ages 3-7 you should still be helping your child or grandchild brush their teeth. Most children aren’t coordinated enough to do it themselves until they are a bit older. Remember to brush their teeth twice daily with a pea-sized dab of fluoride toothpaste.

Is it time for your family’s biannual dental cleanings? Contact the friendly staff at Prescott Dentistry to schedule appointments for the whole family today!  (928) 445-1660


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Smiles work better than Makeup!

teeth whitening

Attention all you single folks out there! It might be time to toss out the makeup and focus on having a happy healthy smile. Professional teeth whitening is an inexpensive and non-invasive way to brighten your smile! A study conducted by Orbit Complete for National Smile Month in the UK might provide some valuable smile-centric insight for roping in that perfect partner.

The survey conducted revealed that 70% of participants found women more attractive when they smiled. The results, while contrary to the pouty lipped models we are used to seeing, also revealed that a majority (60%) of men who participated in the study thought women who didn’t smile appeared “moody” and 75% of other women thought they appeared disinterested.

On top of that, these results were tested on women with and without makeup. Photos were taken of the women wearing their usual everyday makeup while not smiling and then again but this time smiling without makeup. Men (66%) and women (73%) both reported that the women in the smiling photos appeared more attractive than the non-smiling makeup wearers.

So if you’re spending hours each morning focusing on your makeup, perhaps it’s time to focus a bit more on those pearly whites – even if you’re not looking for love! Having a beautiful, healthy smile will also do wonders for your overall health and happiness! Due for a cleaning or looking to get some cosmetic work done? Contact the team at Prescott Dentistry today to schedule your appointment! (928) 445-1660

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What is cosmetic dentistry in Prescott?

cosmetic dentistry in Prescott

Cosmetic dentistry is defined as dental work that enhances the appearance of your teeth, gums and bite. On the surface that may sound time intensive or invasive. Luckily, you would be mistaken. Many times the smile you’ve always dreamed of can be accomplished in as little as two visits! If you want immediate, stunning results to transform your smile, cosmetic dentistry in Prescott may be right for you!

The following services are examples of some of the smile-transforming procedures we offer here in Prescott, Arizona.

  • Teeth Whitening – Are your teeth discolored or stained? Dr. Montes and Dr. Thompson will utilize the most advanced whitening process in just over an hour in our office! For long lasting results, you can supplement this procedure with at-home treatments.
  • Natural Looking Dentures – Remedying missing teeth is one of the most impactful ways to improve the look of your smile. Replace your old, worn out dentures with natural looking dentures fabricated by our dentists in Prescott. Not only will the appearance of your smile benefit, dentures can also correct issues with aging jaws to allow you to chew without pain once again!
  • Ultra-Thin Porcelain Veneers – Veneers can give you the smile you’ve always dreamed about in just two visits!  These thin porcelain shells are placed over your natural teeth to perfect the color, shape and size of your teeth in one step. The procedure can be done even on severely broken down teeth by utilizing porcelain crowns that wrap around the tooth like a protective shield.
  • Cosmetic Contouring or Non-invasive Bonding – If you’re just seeking a small touch-up, the doctors at Prescott Dentistry are able to use bonded materials to sculpt your preexisting teeth to feel and look more natural. This route is quick, painless and affordable! A great option for the less serious cosmetic injuries or flaws.
  • Dental Implants – Better and more permanent than dentures or bridges, implants are usually the best option when it comes to artificial teeth. These are actually anchored to the jaw. It’s almost like having your natural teeth again!

If you’re interested in cosmetic dentistry treatment in Prescott, contact the team at Prescott Dentistry today to schedule your appointment! (928) 445-1660

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