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Cosmetic Dentistry: What it Entails Part 2

Cosmetic Dentist Prescott, AZ

As we discussed in last week’s article, for those of you lacking confidence in your personal and professional life there are many options to enhance your smile and overall appearance. There’s no need to head down to the Valley to get excellent service, you can obtain professional cosmetic dentistry in Prescott, AZ in just one or two visits.

  • Dental Implants – Unlike bridges and other temporary solutions, dental implants are anchored permanently to your jaw. These artificial teeth are superior to dentures because they are never removed and always fit perfectly. It’s feels almost as though you have your natural teeth back or for the first time.
  • Biomimetics – Dr. Montes can replace your old silver-mercury fillings with layers of biomimetic cosmetic bonded fillings that resemble your natural teeth more closely and are healthier and are longer lasting.
  • Cosmetic Contouring & Bonding – If you feel the shape of your teeth need just a slight touch-up, the doctors at Prescott Dentistry can use cutting edge bonded materials and techniques to shape the look and feel of your smile. This quick, affordable, and painless procedure is a great way to address minor flaws and chipped teeth.

Thank you for checking in on our second installment highlighting cosmetic dentistry in Prescott, AZ. Ready to transform your appearance and elevate your confidence level? Contact Prescott Dentistry today and change how you feel about your smile for the better!

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Cosmetic Dentistry: What it Entails Part 1

Cosmetic Dentist Prescott

Are you lacking confidence? Is your smile holding you back in your professional and personal life? After a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Montes you will no longer be hiding your potential behind stained, chipped, or crooked teeth. Unlike costly and invasive plastic surgery, in many cases cosmetic dentistry in Prescott, Arizona can be achieved in just 1-2 visits. These dramatic and nearly instantaneous results can transform your appearance.

  • Teeth Whitening – Have your teeth lost their “sparkle”? In just under an hour Dr. Montes can treat your stained, aging, or discolored teeth with the most advanced whitening techniques. To maintain lasting results take advantage of at-home treatments.
  • Ultra-Thin Porcelain Veneers – Customize and refine your smile with thin porcelain veneer shells fitted specifically to your existing teeth. This potentially life changing procedure takes only two visits! After your new perfected smile is in place you’ll wonder why you didn’t act sooner. If your natural teeth are extremely broken down, the procedure can still be completed by applying protective porcelain crowns.
  • Replace Old Dentures – Modern dentures are fabricated in-office to match your skin and remaining teeth. These dentures and partial dentures resemble your natural teeth more closely and are much more comfortable. Dr. Montes can also reline or replace dentures that no longer fit properly due to aging jaws, allowing you to chew without pain.

Check back in next week for the second installment detailing cosmetic dentistry in Prescott. If you are ready to begin transforming your appearance, contact the staff at Prescott Dentistry for your cosmetic consultation to plan the future of your smile!

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Want More Friends? Visit Your Dentist in Prescott!

Dentist Prescott

We know you’re probably not all that interested in having your dentist your your dental hygienist as your best friends, but luckily we’re not talking just about the staff at Prescott Dentistry! According to a recent study out of the University of California, Irvine your smile can be a be a key to developing healthy relationships and friendships.

This study on relationship development and emotional cues revealed that smiling helps strengthen relationships because people are more attune to positive emotions when new relationships are forming. So if you want more friends, show those pearly whites! Two corresponding studies showed that couples had the ability to accurately track their partners positive emotions, and that complete strangers who watched a movie together felt a kinship towards one another if that stranger was expressing positive emotions.

It is important to note that these experiments also revealed that most are very skilled at spotting a sincere smile compared to a fake one. On that note, not only is it important for you to be sincere with your smile, it also helps to be confident in the smile you’re concealing behind those lips! Let your local dentist in Prescott, Prescott Dentistry, help you make some new friends by giving you a newfound appreciation for your healthy teeth and smile! After you leave our office you’ll be sure to be beaming with positive energy and a great smile to show off to all your future friends.

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Invisalign: Beautiful Form Follows Beautiful Function

Invisalign Prescott, AZ

Your appearance isn’t the only thing that benefits from having straight teeth – your health does too! We all enjoy the look of straighter teeth, the beauty of symmetry that we are all innately attracted to. However, the following advantages are examples of how proper alignment with Invisalign in Prescott, AZ go beyond just appearance:

Healthy Gums

The warning signs of periodontal gum disease are painful, swollen, and red gums – which happen to be the same symptoms that crowded teeth cause. Teeth that are spaced far apart can also cause gum damage from impacted food. Properly aligned teeth make gums less vulnerable to decay and tend to be healthier than gums with crooked, crowded, or unevenly spaced teeth.

Healthy Teeth

Crooked and improperly aligned teeth cause many issues. Teeth that are too crowded can lead to cavities and decay because of the difficulty of keeping them clean. Improper alignment can lead to fracturing, chipping, and damaging teeth due to biting forces that are unevenly distributed.

Healthy Heart, Body, and Mind

As we have discussed in a previous blog article, your dental health is completely interconnected with your overall health. Gum disease has been linked to conditions including diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Keep your dental hygiene in order as a first line of defense for your entire body.

Contact us for your free consultation regarding Invisalign in Prescott today!

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Biomimetic Dentistry: FAQS Part 2

biomimetic prescott

Last week we introduced part 1 of the article Biomimetic Dentistry FAQs. This week we will finish the remaining FAQs to delve into the details and address any remaining questions regarding this field of dentistry.

Why is Biomimetic Dentistry Different?

Biomimetic dentistry has more of an emphasis on our patient’s long-term dental health. In contrast to just filling cavities like pavement, dentists with a focus on biomimetics can use advanced adhesives and customized onlays – this ensures that if the dental work fails it will be in a way that can be repaired – before severe failure on the biological level. Biomimetic dentistry ensures dental problems are not exacerbated.

Why should I pick Biomimetic Dentistry over traditional?

At Prescott Dentistry we believe that Biomimetic dentistry is better for each individual tooth and for your overall health. Traditional dentistry has many drawbacks that are addressed by biomimetic dentistry. Next to never needing dentistry, the best method is to mimic nature – layer by layer, cusp by cusp. This removes the compromised areas only and provides more effective, stronger bonding methods that seal out infection in the most natural way.

What If I have older silver or white fillings already?

These older fillings may start to fail and show signs of compromise or leakage. At this point it is recommended that you get them replaced with more advanced biomimetic bonding techniques as soon as possible.

Contact us today to begin your biomimetic dentistry treatment.

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