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Biomimetic Dentistry: FAQS

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What is it?

Biomimetic dentistry is the treatment of damaged, weak, and decayed teeth by sealing them against infections, which removes the need for between 60%-90% of root canals and crowns generally required of traditional dentistry.

Why is biomimetic dentistry better than traditional dentistry?

While modern engineering has developed newer advanced adhesives and ceramics, traditional dentistry has yet to catch up to this technology. The new smaller onlays involved in biomimetic dentistry work more like actual teeth than the builky porcelain crowns associated with traditional dentistry. The methods used in traditional dentistry can cause the tooth to crack and leak over time, which allows bacteria to attack your teeth from the inside. The biomimetic approach is more durable, and long lasting.

Does Insurance cover biomimetic procedures?

Short answer? Yes. These procedures are billed similarly to those of traditional dentistry. Most biomimetic restorations are viewed by insurance companies the same as a ceramic filling or crown.

Do these procedures take longer to perform?

With biomimetic restorations the whole procedure is performed in a single visit, unlike traditional dentistry where a second visit is generally required. The biomimetic method is also more time efficient in the long term, as these restorations create a stronger repair that is less likely to crack or break, saving both money and time. However, the one initial visit is a bit more time intensive due to the delicate nature of the reconstruction.

Contact Dr. Montes and the staff at Prescott dentistry to set up your appointment and get more information on this groundbreaking new brand of dentistry.

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102 Year Old Blows Out Candles (And Dentures)

We can all agree that once you’re 102 years old, you’ve most likely moved past any ego-driven concerns about being embarrassed, and essentially can do no wrong. That is what makes this video so hilarious. A family is gathered around the table as a very spry looking 102 great (we think it’s safe to assume) grandmother named Louise Bonito and is ready to blow her candles reading “102”. She takes a big breath and… blows. Needless to say she doesn’t succeed in blowing out the candles on this attempt – but she does succeed in giving herself, her family, and all of us a good laugh!

Do you or your loved one have dentures that are ill fitting, uncomfortable, and may just come tumbling out at any moment? Prescott dentistry can replace old dentures with new ones that look natural and fit more comfortably. Dr. Montes can fabricate both dentures and partial dentures specifically for you that will blend with your skin and remaining teeth. These dentures will be nearly indiscernible to real teeth – unless you happen to blow them out of your mouth!

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Biomimetic Dentistry: The Economics

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Biomimetic dentistry, as discussed at length on this blog, champions the benefits of tooth-conserving dentistry. In short, biomimetic methods allow dentists to forgo endodontic therapy, extraction, and crowns by using a more conservative approach aimed toward a conservative restoration that more closely resembles the tooth’s natural design. It sounds nice of course – but what does it cost?


The conservative methods used in biomimetic dentistry naturally extend to the economic side of the spectrum. These treatments are usually much more inexpensive in the long run, and the restorations are very often reparable. Biomimetic treatment is often much more comfortable to the patient, avoiding the “take no prisoners, drill and fill” style often associated with traditional dentistry. Less is more in every aspect of biomimetics. These procedures are less likely to cause a catastrophic loss of teeth in the future – thus saving patients money.

Of course the most cost effective way to manage your dental health is to practice preventative care: brush twice a day, floss daily, and schedule your biannual dental visits. For a great read on the economics and science behind biomimetic dentistry, read this article. Or for more information on biomimetic dentistry or to schedule an appointment to experience it in person give us a call! (928) 445-1660

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Summertime Whitening Tips

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Many of us are scrambling to tone, beautify, and eat right in preparation for the beach and other summertime activities. However, while you’re busy getting color on your skin, you may want to consider removing some of that “color” from your teeth. We’ve compiled a list below with a few tips and tricks for obtaining and maintaining a pearly white smile this summer season.

Watch how you snack

This one goes hand in hand with other health and beauty concerns. Obviously you will want to avoid sugary foods, but there are a few foods that can actually help clean and whiten your teeth: carrots, apples, celery, and sugarless gum. These foods cause you to salivate which neutralizes acid in your mouth. Chewing these foods can also help remove temporary and mild surface stains.

Don’t Keep Staining

The best way to keep your teeth white is to avoid staining them in the first place. A good rule of thumb to remember is that if it can stain a white t-shirt, it can stain your teeth. Remember to rinse with water after drinking wines, berries, and juices. Of course, you should also avoid tobacco products.

Professional Whitening

There are at-home products like whitening strips that can help with surface stains, however, the most effective way to whiten your teeth is by visiting your dentist. In just over an hour, stained, discolored, and aging teeth can be treated by our staff at Prescott Dentistry. Contact us for more information on whitening in Prescott, AZ.

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