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Fighting your Dental Fear

Dental Fear in Prescott AZ

Dental fear can be rooted in many different concerns. It can be the sounds and smells conjuring scary memories from childhood, a sense of shame regarding the current state of one’s teeth, or even just a fear that you can’t quite put your finger on. What everyone really wants is a gentle dentist that will address their dental fears openly, honestly, and with compassion and understanding.

If you identify with the fears listed above, or any others you might have about dentistry, don’t worry about it. Nearly 15% of Americans go as far as avoiding the dentist due to their dental fear. Though it is important that you not become one of those “avoiders” – as neglecting the issue can only amplify the problem and your fears by worsening dental health.

If the fact that Dr. Montes and the staff at Prescott Dentistry strive to create a comfortable and understanding environment isn’t quite enough to get you through the door, and your fear stems from experiences many years ago as a child, we have good news. Recent generations of younger people have much lower rates of dental fear due to more effective anesthesia and more attention to patient comfort.

Contact us for more information how how we can make your visit as easy and painless as possible to alleviate your dental fear.

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Dental Spring Cleaning: Start a Tradition

Dental Spring Cleaning

Spring has an interesting distinction among the four seasons. Its the one season that has a “ritual” that isn’t tied directly to any specific historical or religious event. That tradition is Spring Cleaning. Spring is about new beginnings, rebirth, and starting the new year with a clean slate. Sure, the cleaning usually pertains to your home or yard, but why not make a tradition of scheduling one of your biannual dental cleanings right here and now? Start this Spring by giving your home, pearly whites, and maybe even your soul a nice clean slate! Unfortunately Dr. Montes or our staff aren’t equipped to cleanse your spirit in our office, but we can take care of your dental needs and then you can head off for a quiet walk in the warm spring wilderness to take care of all your deep pondering and soul searching.

You might be thinking to yourself, “My house looks like the wreckage of hurricane, my heart is in shambles, and my teeth are the least of my worries.” Well, you might be right about those first two points, but your teeth are vitally important to your overall health. On top of that, your biannual cleaning allows our staff to check chewing and biting patterns, provide teeth whitening and stain removal, address plaque and tarter, examine teeth for decay, along with a host of other important procedures to get your teeth and gums in tip top shape.

Contact us for more information on your recommended biannual dental cleaning, as well as other services we provide here at Prescott Dentistry. Start your spring off right!

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