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Mysterious Ancient Jaw Bone Found

Mysterious Ancient Jaw Bone Found

From deep in the depths of the Penghu Channel in Taiwan a fisherman stumbled upon an unexpected catch, a lower jawbone with unusually large premolars and molars. The primitive structure has lead scientists to believe it belonged to a long extinct member of our genus Homo, most similarly resembling that of Homo erectus. (See the photo here.) This thesis is based on it’s resemblance to a partial skull of H. erectus found in Longtan Cave on the mainland of China.

It is thought that this human was alive in the past 400,000, and perhaps even 200,000, years. It is even possible that this jaw could have even belonged to the mysterious Denisovan people, a relative of the Neandertal, of which very little is known. It is believed many types of humans were still alive at this time and region.

If you are looking over this ancient jawbone and it’s bearing a disturbingly close resemblance to your own teeth and jaw, we think it might be time for you to set up an appointment with us at Prescott Dentistry! Check out our dental care services here, and contact us for more information.

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New Biomimetic Dentistry Materials

Biomimetic Dentistry in Prescott

Many dental ailments including cavities, sensitive teeth, and pulp inflammation are all caused by the loss of the enamel layer over our teeth. Preventative and biomimetic dentistry techniques attempt to curb this enamel loss and repair it. For dentists who practice biomimetic dentistry like Dr. Montes here at Prescott Dentistry, we may now have a new ally in this field of study. Scientists from National Taiwan University are reporting the development of a new biocompatible material that potentially rebuilds warn enamel.

We briefly mentioned this breakthrough in a previous article as it relates to teeth sensitivity. However, the science behind this new material is quite fascinating. According to the study, the material generates a biomimetic crystalline dentin barrier. The reliable, fast-acting paste seals exposed dentinal tubules which go deep into the pulp where the nerves are located. The silica-based template enabled phosphate ions and calcium to penetrate deep into the tubules and crystallize into forms of calcium phosphate. These biomimetic crystals act as a catalyst and carrier for the regeneration of dental tissue.

Do your best to avoid creating sensitive teeth and the loss of enamel by not brushing your teeth too hard. Use a soft-bristled brush, floss regularly, and take care of your gums.

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Winter Weather Pondering

Invisalign in Prescott

We’ve had a somewhat unusual amount of snowy winter weather this holiday season here in Prescott and the rest of Northern Arizona. Have you found yourself staring out of your window, watching the crisp white snowflakes delicately cascade toward earth, contemplating the very fabric of reality and the nature of the universe? Or maybe you’ve been thinking to yourself, “Man, I wish my teeth were as white as these frozen drops falling from the sky.”

While we may not be able to provide all the answers to your existential thoughts and questions, here at Prescott Dentistry we can definitely help with that longing for whiter teeth. For teeth that have lost their snowy white gleam, Dr. Montes and our team provide the most advanced teeth whitening techniques in just over an hour in-office.

Perhaps during your pondering, introspective moments gazing out at this winter landscape, instead of the whiteness of the snow, you focus on the jagged leafless trees with branches organized by the seemingly random patterns. Sure, they are beautiful in a dreary way, but they remind you a bit too much of the arrangement of your teeth. While we can’t change the cyclical nature of the universe and prevent you from seeing trees in the winter, we can help you be a little more comfortable with the way your teeth are positioned.

Prescott Dentistry now offers Invisalign invisible braces. This metal and bracket-free style of orthodontics can guide your teeth back into place with a series of transparent mouthpieces that are custom made for your specific case.

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A Cure for Sensitive Teeth?

Sensitive Teeth

Does a bowl of cold ice cream or a hot coffee make you cringe instead of bring you satisfaction? Many of us who suffer from sensitive teeth don’t get the same enjoyment out of treats other people commonly do. Soon, however, that might change.

A new study released in the journal ACS Nano has unveiled a new biomaterial that is capable of rebuilding worn enamel which could reduce tooth sensitivity for extended periods of time. Tooth sensitivity is caused by degraded enamel which allows nerves to become more vulnerable to temperature.

This exposure is currently treated by products like special toothpastes, however, the seal created doesn’t stand up to every day wear and tear. Chun-Pin Lin and colleagues wanted to discover a more lasting and durable solution to the condition.

A paste was created based on the main elemental building blocks of teeth – calcium and phosphorus. This paste was tested on dogs and has shown to be effective in sealing exposed tubes that create the nerve vulnerability.

Call us today for more information on what treatments are currently available for your sensitive teeth.

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