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A Dentist’s Nightmare

Recently, this rare Deep-Sea Anglerfish, or “Black Sea Devil” was captured on film, which has only happened less the half a dozen times since it’s discovery. These devilish carnivores have massive mouths filled with fang-like teeth angled inward to optimize prey capturing. We’re just thankful here at Prescott Dentistry we don’t have to deal with mouths and jaws this huge and dangerous!

This anglerfish was filmed 1,900 feet below the surface of the ocean, in the depths of Monterey canyon (deeper than the Grand Canyon). This female fish measures just 3 1/2 inches long, however they still dwarf their male counterparts by several orders of magnitude. They derive their title of “anglerfish” from the fact that they are equipped with a pole-like spine topped with a glowing lure designed to capture prey in the murky depths of the deep sea.

If you’re a little worried your mouth is starting to resemble that of a “Black Sea Devil,” we do offer cosmetic dentistry services to help make your smile a little less scary! Contact Prescott Dentistry for more information on our dental services.

When in Rome

preventing gum disease

The general mainstream thought process is that society has slowly improved and progressed throughout human history. However, discoveries regarding our ancestry occasionally will throw a wrench in that linear thought process. A study out of King’s College London has unveiled that only 5 percent of ancient Romans suffered with gum disease, compared to 30 percent of people today. Based on these archaeological studies, it was concluded that the lifestyles of these ancient people actually led to much healthier gums. The study was conducted by examining 300 skulls that were dated between 200 and 400 AD of people estimated to be 20-40 years old.

It does make some sense though. The main culprits of gum disease such as smoking, type 2 diabetes, and excessive unhealthy food and drink mostly did not exist for the people of the time. However, dental issues were still a problem. Abscesses and infections were still common. The results are still surprising though, as one in three people today will suffer from major gum disease, which is significantly higher than the Romans.

So at least in one regard, here at Prescott Dentistry we strive to “Do as the Romans Do” and help in preventing gum disease for our patients. Through the preventative methods of Biomimetic Dentistry, our state of the art technology, oral surgery, and more, you can count on the doctors and staff at Prescott Dentistry to treat you right! Contact us for more information on our methods and services.

Image used under creative commons license – commercial use (11/18/2014) Moyan Brenn (Flickr)

Prescott Dentistry: Home to Biomimetic Dentistry

Dentist in Prescott, AZ

Dentist in Prescott, AZ

You’ve heard us preach the wonders of Biomimetic Dentistry. But, did you know Prescott Dentistry, your local dentist in Prescott, is one of the very few dental offices in Arizona that practice Biomimetic Dentistry? Dr. Montes and his staff have dedicated hundreds of hours to the study of the most advanced and natural ways to provide optimal dental care.

Prescott Dentistry also offers cosmetic smile makeovers, (see the Winner of our Summer Smile Makeover 2014 here), non-toxic amalgam removal, laser dentistry, digital radiographs, same-day crowns & restorations, endontic therapy, periodontal therapy, oral surgery, dentures and removable partials, and much more.

It is the goal of Prescott Dentistry to be the provider of choice in the tri-city area for natural, conservative dentistry and to gain the trust of our clients as demonstrated by referrals to their family and friends. The four values Dr. Montes and his staff wish to represent are integrity, accountability, quality, and compassionate service.

A Virus that Makes us Stupid?

biomimetic dentistry

A recent accidental finding has led to the discovery of a virus that ‘makes humans more stupid.’ While this might sound like something hot off the presses of The Onion, the study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

This algae virus was found to alter cognitive functions such as spatial awareness and visual processing. The discovery was made by happenstance when studying unrelated throat microbes. These supposedly innocuous microorganisms were found in healthy people and can affect cognition and behavior. Forty out of ninety participants in the study tested positive for the virus, suggesting the virus could be fairly widespread. Those who tested positive achieved worse scores in attention span, and the accuracy and speed of visual processing.

Most of the human body’s trillions of viruses, bacteria, and fungi are harmless, but this study suggests that some microbes can have an impact on cognitive functions without negatively affecting our physical health.

What does this have to do with dentistry might you ask? Well, not a whole lot to be honest, other than a similar interconnectedness of your your overall health as discussed in this previous article. Anything to do with our health is important to understand, especially when your practice focuses on the holistic approach required with Biomimetic Dentistry. Contact us for more information on how Biomimetic dentistry works.

Image used under creative commons license – commercial use (11/11/2014) Kanijoman (Flickr)